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A fully integrated tropical fish website and forum with lots of articles and lots of members to answer any questions you have on the aquarium hobby, we've got lots and lots of tropical fish pictures too! Find out the how to keep your fish in the best of condition! There is a lot more to it than simply letting the fish loose in your aquarium, and feeding them! That's what I thought... A few weeks later I was suprised to find my tropical fish dying, they were suffering from the dreaded cycle of which happens with all new aquariums when adding new fish - read more about it by clicking this aquarium cycling article . After this horror with my tropical fish I decided I would set up a website to try and prevent other people's fish suffering the same fate, little did I know two years down the line it would have over 6000 members in the active fish forums!

We've also got articles on fish disease, and a new section on keeping a planted tank and how to keep your plants healthy and in tip top condition.

Also we're just setting up a tropical fish index which will encompass all fish species from around the world from arowanas to zebra danios. Enjoy the site!
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Updates at Tropical Fish Forever 21/05/03

*NEW* Added today starting up CO2 production for your planted tank DIY Carbon Dioxide Cheers Les! Old news added the getting started article and also zebra danio and corydoras sterbai to the fish index.

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