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Bristle Nose / Ancistrus Pleco

bristle nose ancistrus pleco

Origin: Brazil
Maximum Size: 4-5 inches
Care: Ideally plecos like clean water, slightly acidic soft water.
Feeding: Plecos will eat a large variety of food, algae eating being one of their main reasons for many people to keep plecos. However even with a good supply of algae it's a good idea to feed addition food perhaps every two days and without lots of algae every day. The foods which you can use are: algae wafers, blanched cucumber/zucchini or lettuce. They will also eat standard flake and bloodworms and brineshrimp but in a community tank these rarely get a chance to hit the bottom of the tank where the plecos can eat them.
Sexing: Sexing males is easy as they will grow lots of bristles hence the name bristle nose plec, females don't have as many of these bristles.
Comments: When buying a pleco, avoid any which have either a very swollen belly - a sign of an internal parasite or a sunken belly which means they haven't been eating, try and make sure that the one you buy has been eating in the store (most plecos are wild caught and so have not grown up in an aquarium), if you are unsure ask the fish store employee they can often help or look for remains of vegetables in the tank. Keep an eye on your pleco for the first few weeks to ensure they are eating well.

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