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Tropical Fish Index - Black Neon Tetra

Black Neon Tetra- Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

Origin South America (Amazon)
Maximum Size: 1.25 inches
Care: They like soft slightly acidic water and, ideally the temperature should be 74 to 80 degrees F however, they can survive any temperature between 68 to 85 degrees F.
Feeding: Black neons eat all flake foods, but try and supplement their diet with small live food such as daphnia or small worms.
Breeding: Black Neon tetras are one of the harder charcarins (tetras) to breed, there will be a clear indication of when the female wishes to spawn because you will see a increase in her stomach size. The water conditions as mentioned above are important and it is essential to keep water quality at its peak. To spawn them, you will need a small tank placed in a dark corner of a room this is because the eggs are light sensitive, a 2 inch layer of half inch rock and some bunches of fine textured live plants such as java moss are ideal spawning medium. Place the pair in the spawning tank with a temperature of 75F and feed well for a few days before raising the tank temperature to close to 80F. They usually spawn early in the morning and being typical egg scatterers the clear eggs will laid among the plants and barely stick to them. The parents should be removed after the spawning as they have a habit of eating the eggs eaters. The eggs will take a day to hatch and the fry will appear as slithers of glass and be hard to spot. For the initial stages the babies should be fed infusoria or baby brine shrimp.
Sexing: In sexually mature fish, the females are larger, rounder, and fatter. From above, the female appears wider
Comments: A striking fish, similar to the neon tetra in many ways.

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