black widow tetras

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Tropical Fish Index - Black Widow Tetras

Black Widow Tetra- Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

black widow tetra

Origin Central South America
Maximum Size: 5cm
Care: Temp 24-28 deg (higher for breeding) any type of water without extremes.
Feeding: All food but preferably floating/surface insects.
Breeding: Black widow tetras will scatter their eggs on plants and after about two days the eggs will hatch, after another day the fry will be free swimming and can then be fed on liquifeed and infusoria.
Sexing: When mature the dark markings possessed by a young black widow tetra will lighten to a grayish shade. The females have a much narrower start (front) to their anal fin, in addition the females will be noticably deeper and wider in general due to the eggs inside them.
Comments: Black widows tetras are shoaling fish and should therfore, not be kept either singly or in pairs. This is predominantly a surface species requring other midwater and bottom feding in its tank to ensure that no bits of food are left uneaten.

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