Blind Cave Fish, Blind Cave Tetra or Blind Characin

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Blind Cave Tetra - Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus

blind cave tetra

Synonyms: Anoptichthys jordani
Origin: Central South America
Maximum Size: Around 9cm (Both sexes)
Care: Slightly hard water, alkaline between 18-30 degrees celcius.
Feeding: All food, some vegetable content is also helpful for their digestion.
Breeding: Blind cave tetras are egg scatters (read neon tetras) Males are egg eaters and so therefore MUST be removed.
Sexing: Females are somewhat larger and plumper than males, but otherwise have no distinguishing markings. Prior to spawning the fish should be fed live foods for several days. To stimulate spawning drop the water temperature to 66-68 degrees. The female will scatter up to one hundred eggs throughout the breeding tank.
Comments: Scientific evidence including the natural occurance of fertile hybrids between the Blind Cave Fish and its assumend ancestor, the fully sighted and pigmented Mexican Tetra indicates that both fish belong to the same species. Their apparently huge differences can, in fact be reduced to relatively simple and minor genetic differences, such as the presence / absence of pigment and the full / arrested development of the eyes.

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