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Apple Snail - Pomacea Bridgesi

OriginSouthern US and Argentinia
Maximum Size: 2 inches in diameter
Care: Easy animals that will do well in any tropical fish tank. They can live together with most fish species, although you need to watch out they don't get attacked. They are of a very peaceful temperament.
Feeding: Very handy types of fish-food are those tablets sold for algae-eaters, but other types of fish-food will do as well. They can handle floating fish food with ease going to the top and using their foot as a funnel to get the flakes into their mouth! Also try blanching, courgette (zucchini) or cucumber and most other green vegetables.
Breeding: Relatively easy you will need one female and one male or more of course! You can condition them on peas and broccolli (blanched) which will get them in the mood, they lay their eggs above the water line and the eggs will hatch and fall down into the water after about 10 days.
Sexing:Hard, I never was able to do it until I saw my applesnails mounting each other, male obviously being the one on top other than that its tricky.
Comments: Not all apple snail species are a good choice for aquaria as their voracious appetite for aquatic vegetation is often not desired, however P.Bridgesi will not eat any live plants, they will however eat dead leaves and so must be useful in any planted tank remember to feed them though as well! This particular applesnail grows to a maximum of 2 inches in diameter. Many colour varities, ivory, blue, yellow and black.

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