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Tropical Fish Index - Clown Loaches

Clown Loaches - Botia macracanthus

clown loaches

Origin: Bornea and Sumatra
Maximum Size: Up to 12 inches.
Care: Fairly soft, slightly acidic (pH 6-7), the temperature should be 23-30oC (73-86oF)
Feeding: Omnivorous, but prefers meat food.
Breeding: No detailed accounts and doubted to have occured in captivity.
Sexing: Unknown
Comments: A popular aquarium fish, for its colour and its antics. One of its habits is to lie on its side when resting - which may alarm those not familiar with it, as the fish appears to be ill! They tend to be more active if kept as a small group, rather than singly or in pairs. Provide plenty of hiding places in the way of bogwood or rocks, as the fish like to rest out of sight. This fish is particularly prone to whitespot/ich, so observe fish carefully before buying and quarantine for at least 2 weeks before introducing to the main tank.

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