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Tropical Fish Index - Dwarf / Pygmy Puffer Fish

Dwarf Puffer Fish - Carinotetraodon travancoricus

dwarf puffer

Origin: Asia: India
Maximum Size: Up to 1" (2.5cm)
Care: A Freshwater puffer, soft to slightly hard, pH should be close to neutral - 7. The temperature should be 24-26oC (75-78oF). A small species setup with some live plants for cover. This is because despite their size, many puffers will nip and after time shred the fins of other fish in the tank.
Feeding: Carnivorous: small live or frozen foods, snails, bloodworm, small pieces of mussel and cockle. Snails are required to allow the puffer to grind down its beak.
Breeding: No detailed accounts but it has been known to have occured in captivity.
Sexing: Unknown
Comments: As mentioned not to be kept in a community tank due to the aggressiveness of this little puffer.

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