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Tropical Fish Index - Gold nugget pleco

Gold Nugget Pleco - Baryancistrus Sp.

gold nugget Pleco

Origin:Rio Xingu, Amazon, Brazil
Maximum Size: Up to 8 inches. Slow growing
Care: Excellent water conditions are required (pH 6.5-7.4), the temperature should be 24-28oC
Feeding: Members of the family are mostly vegetarian- zuchinni and algae pellets- but they may accept other foods as well.
Breeding: No detailed accounts and doubted to have occured in captivity.
Sexing: Difficult even with mature specimens.
Comments: Generally nocturnal/diurnal but venture out more once fully settled. Need bogwood to graze on and a cave to call home. There are three types of gold nugget plecos:
L081 - small spots
L085/L018 - medium spots
L177 - large spot

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