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Guppy - Poecilia reticulata


Origin Central North America to Brazil
Maximum Size: 2 inch
Care: This fish is very easy to care for, they are a pretty hardy species and can tolerate a variety of water conditions, but prefer slightly alkaline water. Temperature should be 68-79 (degrees) Fahrenheit. The minimum tank size is 5 gallons.
Feeding: Be sure to provide a variety of foods, preferably live ones, because a nutritious, complete diet will enhance their colors and ensure good health. Keep in mind that they will eat their young if they are small enough.
Breeding: These fish are very easy to breed and they are able to have a batch of fry every 28 days. A pregnant female can be identified by the gravid spot (darkened area) behind her anal fin. An average brood is average is 40 to 50 babies see this article.
Sexing:The females are bigger than the males, the males are much more intensely coloured than the females. Males have a gonopodium. - See the article for explanation of gonopodium.
Comments: Guppies live only about two years. There are many many different colour and fin combinations available. It is advised to keep two or three females to every one male to prevent the males fighting it out between each other.

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