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Molly - Poecilia latipinna

molly mollies

Origin Southern Virginia, Carolina, Texas and Florida
Maximum Size: 4 inches
Care: These hardy fish are easy to take care of, preferring slightly alkaline water.
Feeding: Be sure to provide a variety of foods, preferably live ones, because a nutritious, complete diet will enhance their colors and ensure good health. Keep in mind that they will eat their young if they are small enough.
Breeding: Very easy to breed in the normal livebearer fashion. Breeding livebearers article.
Sexing:The females are bigger than the males. Males have a gonopodium. - See the article above for explanation of gonopodium.
Comments: These fish can also tolerate slightly brackish waters. There are many colour variants available, some of the largest livebearers and will give birth to a huge number of young up to 60 or 70 fry at a time. Along with platies they are some of the easiest fish to keep as well as the easiest fish to breed.

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