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Tropical Fish Index - Neon Tetras

Neon Tetra- Paracheirodon innesi

neon tetra

Origin South America (Amazon)
Maximum Size: 1.5 inches
Care: They like soft slightly acidic water and, ideally the temperature should be 73 to 79 degrees F however, they can survive any temperature between 68 to 85 degrees F.
Feeding: Neons eat most flake foods, but try and supplement their diet with small live food such as bloodworm and also freeze-dried or frozen foods.
Breeding: Neon tetras can begin breeding by about nine months of age. Neons will breed in tanks with other fish but due to the likelihood that the eggs will be eaten, they are most often bred in a small, seperate tank with a pair or small group of neons. Each female produces 60 to 130 eggs all over the plants and ground. The eggs are not sticky and so the parents should be removed immediately to ensure that they don't eat the eggs. The eggs are prone to fungus and also are light sensitive so try to keep the tank as dark as possible, once the fry have hatched feed them on liquifeed and infusoria.
Sexing: In sexually mature fish, the females are larger, rounder, and fatter. From above, the female appears wider
Comments: A very nice little fish with strong colours. It is however quite a weak fish and is very suceptable to "neon tetra disease", read this article: fish disease

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