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Calcium reactors

When we talk about calcium reactors, we are not talking about something from a nucleur power plant. They are much more simple than a lot of people think, you have a vessel which has a circulation pump and some calcium based media in it. There are then three (normally) airline sized holes drilled in the calcium reactor at various points depending on the make and model. One is a tank water IN pipe, one is a CO2 (gas) IN and the other is a calcium enriched tankwater out pipe. Basically the aquarium water is pumped through at a slow rate (so many drips per minute) CO2 gas is then injected into the reactor, This in turn then dissolves in the water to become carbonic acid. This acid then reacts with the media and dissolves the surface layer and as this dissolves calcium is released which is then forced out of the reactor by fresh salt water from the aquarium which has had its calcium used up by the corals.

Calcium Reactor

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