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Fish Index - Bettas

Siamese Fighting fish, Betta - Betta Splendens

red betta

Origin: South East Asia
Maximum Size: 3 inches
Care: Easy fish to care for, many shops have them in pretty awful conditions and tiny tanks and yet they survive due to their toughness, however to get your betta to display its best form you must try and keep as good conditions as you would for any other tropical fish. The temperature should be 70-80 degrees fahrenheit. Bettas are sometimes suitable for a community tank however the aggressiveness varies in each individual fish, most make suitable community fish however some will sometimes chase and nip at other similar fish in the tank.
Feeding: Bettas can exist quite successfully on regular tropical fish flakes however its a good idea to supplement their diet with adult brine shrimp, and bloodworms.
Breeding: Breeding Bettas is not complicated but you need to do your homework on the subject. A breeding tank is required as is a form of divider made of glass is required to prevent the male from harrassing the female before they become acquainted. When you release the female, after several hours there must be plants and hiding places in the tank. At this point the male will produce a bubble nest which he builds to hold the eggs. If he has not built the nest when you introduce the female he may make it as she spawns, betta eggs sink so after each spawning, the male picks them up before they reach the ground and deposits them in the bubble nest that he has built. Immediately after the spawning the female should be removed from the tank to prevent her being harrased to death by the male. The male continues to care for the young and maintain the bubble nest until they are free swimming. After about 36 hours, the spawn should hatch and three days later become free swimming. Their first food should consist of very small organisms such as infusoria and baby brine shrimp, you can grow them on fish flake but they will not grow to their full potential.
Sexing: Its obvious and the pet store will have them seperated for you as other than the actual breeding act the male will be very aggressive to the female and will kill her if they are left alone.
Comments: Very fun fish to keep, you will find each betta will develop its own personality and will be very responsive to human attentions.

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