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Fish Index -Barbs

Tinfoil Barb - Barbus schwanenfeldi

tinfoil barb

Origin: Thailand
Maximum Size: 14 inches
Care: Not for the beginner and need to be kept with several others in a large tank. Ideally fairly soft to medium hard water, which should be around neutral pH of 7. The temperature should be 73-79 degrees fahrenheit.
Feeding: Tinfoil barbs can exist quite happily on regular tropical fish flakes however its a good idea to supplement their diet with small fish, vegetables and shrimp pellets. In the wild they exist mainly on vegetable matter so you can also feed zucchinni/cucumber and watch them tear it apart!
Breeding: Never been achieved in an aquarium.
Sexing: Unknown.
Comments: For their large size they are not that difficult to keep but still should only be attempted by a intermediate fish keeper with a very large tank..

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