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Tropical Fish Index - Zebra Danios

Zebra Danio - Brachydanio rerio

zebra danios

Origin: India
Maximum Size: 2.5"
Care: A very peaceful fish which is why it is so well suited for community tanks, zebra danios tolerate a wide range of temperatures 19-27oC (66oF-78oF) and are a very undemanding fish.
Feeding: Feed with normal tropical fish flakes, livefood such as bloodworm should be fed as an occasional treat for added vitality and for conditioning the females for stronger fry.
Breeding: The breeding of zebra danios is very easy and many aquarists simply one day notice what appears like slithers of glass in their tank, these are of course the fry. Being egg scatterers using marbles as a substrate allows the eggs to fall down to the bottom where they can't be eaten, they will hatch after a day at 27oC. The young should be fed on freshly hatched baby brine shrimp and liquifry.
Sexing: The male has smaller yellow stripes between his black lines than the female, whereas the females have a background of silver. Females also tend to be rounder and more wide.
Comments: Zebra danios are quite a common fish which most fishkeepers will have kept at some time, they are still fun to breed and the new longfinned variety gives added interest to this little fish, recommended for community tanks, they will shoal if in a group of six or more.

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